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Göksan Güner


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Type Defense Review

Type Defense is an application by Göksan Güner. Type Defense was first published on . It is available on the following platforms: Steam.

Type Defense brings a brand new approach to all typing games. You have to stop desert bandits by firing with your ballista. Everyone knows the best way of using a ballista is typing! And it supports multiple languages!

Each time you write a shown word, the ballista fires to an enemy. The enemies keep coming in waves and you have to write words fast. You can upgrade and repair your castle if it is damaged. There are also two powers which can help you when you are having an hard time.

Type Defense offers you a interesting approach for typing. You can either play it as a game or a fun way to practice typing. Type Defense will surely improve your writing skills. You have to write each word correctly if you want to shoot desert bandits.

If you just want to survive you have to type fast and correctly. If you want to shake the highscore, you have to type even faster! Because the game has an awesome combo system which would push you even more for highscore.

- Type fast and correct to shoot with your ballista
- Type faster for combos and better scores
- Beware there are various types of bandits!
- Use your powers to strategize your defense
- Upgrade your castle
- Detailed graphics
- Multiple languages available!

Type Defense

3 / 5

Type Defense Logo
Author: Göksan Güner
Size: 107 MB available space

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