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Zadar in Croatia is a must-visit for history buffs thanks to the wide range of historic sites and museums on offer

(Travel) Zadar in Croatia is often sidelined by tourists in favour of the likes of Dubrovnik and Split, but the city can make for quite a unique city break. Nestled on the Dalmatian coast, it offers up heaps of historic sites such as St Donatus' Church and Zadar Cathedral, not to mention there are plenty of museums to explore.



Get a glimpse of Croatian history at this pre-Romanesque church which was called the Church of the Holy Trinity until the 15th century before it was re-dedicated to St Donatus. The church boasts an unusual shape - there's not a huge amount to see inside but it's worth it just for the architecture.

Zadar's cathedral is the biggest in Dalmatia, so it's not surprising that it's often a must-visit for tourists. There's not loads to see but it's well worth it for the pretty architecture and the historic tidbits to be found here. Head up to the bell tower for some pretty spectacular views of the city.

At the end of Zadar's peninsula, near the iconic Sea Organ, sits this monument made of three hundred multi-layered glass plates set across a 22m diameter circle. These light up using photo-voltage solar modules which can make for a pretty impressive and quirky sight, especially if you head there at sunset.

The Old Town is where you'll find most of the monuments and churches, but it's also well worth taking a leisurely stroll through the streets as there are plenty of charming boutiques and resturants.

Located on the western end of Zadar's Riva, this installation has plenty of tubes underneath it that use the sound of the sea and waves to make for some pretty unique music.



This impressive intricate stone gate once served as the main entrance to the city along the UNESCO-listed city walls. Built in 1542, nowadays you can walk through two smaller side arches at the landmark in the Fosa harbour.

Head to this picturesque square which is also conveniently located right by a series of the city's top attractions. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around here, so it's also a great spot if you're looking for somewhere with a bit of atmosphere in the evenings.

The city has heaps of brilliant museums from the Museum of Ancient Glass to the National Museum which offer a fascinating insight into Croatian culture and history.


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