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The biggest theme park in the UK signs a new deal with Paramount to include attractions from Mission: Impossible and The Godfather franchises

(Travel) Costing £5 billion, it's hoped that the 553-acre park will open by 2024. The plans are for the park, dubbed "Britain's Disneyland", to be built in Kent, between Gravesend and Dartford, and the attraction is currently called The London Resort.



The new Paramount deal comes two years after initial talks with the company collapsed - the studio is said to have pulled out after disagreeing about image rights to the films.

The new partnership has been described as "fantastic news" with plans suggesting there will be a "Mission: Impossible Training Centre" attraction, according to The Evening Standard. Other films that could be included under the Paramount deal are The Italian Job and A Quiet Place.

ITV bosses have also signed a multi-million pound deal to be part of the project. The new attraction would feature rides based on kids' shows such as Thunderbirds and Robozuna.

Earlier this year, Aardman Animations pulled out of the resort, taking with them Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. The new park was also meant to have opened this year, with proposals first put forward in 2012. This was then pushed back to 2022, with current dates estimated for 2024. It’s thought that the huge theme park could attract up to 40,000 visitors a day.

Developers say the tourist destination will create around 33,000 jobs. There are no concrete plans for what rides will be built yet, but it will include thousands of hotel rooms, shops and restaurants. As well as the rides, there are also plans for a 2,000-seat theatre and an events space.

It is thought that the cost of a day ticket will be £57 and there are plans to include the cost of public transport from central London in this, to encourage people to leave their cars at home.


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