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09:14 05/08/2019 | 7newstar.com

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Rome has been named the cheapest major city for tourists to visit in 2019

(Travel) The tourist hotspot came top in a new survey comparing prices on tourist hotspots, beating Paris, New York, Milan, London, Dubai and Berlin to the top spot.



The study looked at the average cost of a host of factors in each city including a single hotel room, airport transfers, tourists attractions, meals from fine dining to budget options, and the cost of beer.

Although the city didn't prove the cheapest more factors such as sightseeing, it did prove overall to offer Brits the best value for their money.

Just make sure you know the new rules for tourists which have been introduced in the Italian capital. Meanwhile Berlin should also be on your radar for a budget city break. For a start, most of the city's best attractions are completely free to visit, not to mention it proved to be the city with the cheapest hotel stays.



On the other end of the scale, Paris was revealed to be the most expensive city with an average cost of £651.20 per person, nearly double the price of a Rome break. The City of Lights had the highest prices for a single hotel room as well as a fine dining meal or even a cheap meal.


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