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Dubrovnik in Croatia looks like something out of a film set with its medieval buildings and iconic city walls

(Travel) Therefore it's no surprise that the city served as one of the Game of Thrones filming locations, which catapulted it to 'city break hotspot' status. Hailed as one of Croatia's best cities there's heaps to see and do in Dubrovnik whether you're looking to explore its breathtaking Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), take in the views while sipping on cocktails in the tavernas, or exploring historic fortresses.



This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the city's biggest highlights thanks to its eye-catching architecture, picturesque cobbled streets and beautiful Baroque churches.

A walking tour can be a great way of seeing the highlights but it's worth leaving some space on the itinerary to walk around at your leisure as there are charming surprises to be found from local restaurants to breathtaking views.

Surround the Old Town these impressive walls make for a scenic stroll as you can enjoy some great views of Dubrovnik and the ocean. Then of course there's heaps of history; after all, the 1940 meters long-walls boast six fortresses.

Rector's Palace is one not to be missed off the itinerary with its intricate Gothic architecture. Nowadays it serves as a museum with heaps of fascinating exhibits and plenty of artwork.

Ever since Dubrovnik was revealed as one of the Game of Thrones filming locations, fans have flocked to the city to see where some of the show's iconic moments took place.



If you're planning to spend a few days in the city it's worth leaving space on the itinerary for a trip to Banje Beach. Here you'll find everything from high end bars and beach clubs to families tucking into picnics on towels along the shore.

The beach can get quite busy during peak seasons but it offers some pretty views of Dubrovnik, not to mention there are heaps of boat tours you can take to visit the islands.

Just a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik, Lokrum is home to some picturesque botanical gardens and a monastery. The nature reserve is beautiful and tends to be a hit with those who love the great outdoors as there are plenty of walks and even picnic spots.


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