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Ancient underground tunnels in Rome's Baths of Caracalla open to the public following an extensive restoration

(Travel) Head to the ruins of Baths of Caracalla, the Roman Empire's second largest spa complex, and you can now visit the complex network of underground tunnels to be found. It's not the first time that the tunnels have been opened to the public but they recently underwent major restorations to offer visitors a glimpse into how the ancient spa complex operated.



There's even one of the surviving brick ovens which was used to power the baths in ancient Roman times. The Baths of Caracalla were used until the 6th century and are believed to have welcomed thousands of visitors during their peak popularity.

Nowadays you can wander around the ruins and learn all about the fascinating spot which boasted various bathing sections, swimming pools and even two gyms for sports such as wrestling. The spa also featured restaurants and libraries - basically, an ancient leisure complex.



The tunnels offer yet another fascinating insight into how everything operated back in the spa complex's heyday. To celebrate the re-opening there is also an art exhibition by Fabrizio Plessi with some eye-catching video installations to admire as you walk through the trail.

The Baths of Caracalla boast an ideal location if you're short on time as they're near the city centre, so it's well worth leaving some room on the itinerary especially if you are going because you want a glimpse into the history of the Roman Empire.


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