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10:00 30/06/2019 | 7newstar.com

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A new water park has just opened in Orlando and it's just minutes from Walt Disney World Resort

(Travel) The new park focusing on combining technology with the rides and features the world's first 'video-embedded' tube slide. Live Streaming, for example, is a video embedded slide that films you as you go down the 360 degree loop at speed. However, it is the new smart bands given to guests that make the theme park fully tech-loaded.



The RFID Smart Band, connected to the H2O Live App through guests' phones, will allow them to choose music playlists for the rides, see waiting times, as well as earn park perks such as food and drinks.

Parents will be able to use it for their kids, so they can avoid losing track of them, as well as limit the areas they are allowed in. A queuing feature will also be rolled out for the bands soon, so you can reserve time slots for rides to skip the queues.

Families and friends can also rent a cabana for the day if they want to relax while the rest of the group go around the park. The new Private Domain is an adults-only section of the park, featuring a swimming pool and food bars. The new park is designed for the new generation of avid-social media users.



The real star of this park is the ability to share your experience - the addition of this social media interaction allows your experience to go beyond the water park walls and encourage others to join in on the fun.

You can video yourself as you're going down the rides through our different cameras and then post it live on Instagram and your Facebook page and YouTube. The park opens from 8am until 7pm every day


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