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13:24 28/11/2019 |

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Valve Software produces its last Steam Controller and planning on selling its existing stock by the end of its ongoing Autumn Sale

(Business) As part of that event, you can get the Steam Controller for $5, which is 90% off its normal $50 price. And then, when it’s gone, it is gone for good. As of the time of this posting, the Steam Store says that it has a limited quantity remaining.



The idea was that the Steam Controller could give people a way to play all of the different kinds of games available on Steam. Even if a game didn’t support gamepads, Steam would map keyboard and mouse inputs to the controller for you. Now, Valve has improved button mapping so that you can plug in almost any traditional gamepad for use with any game. And that is a key improvement that’s going to long outlive the Steam Controller itself.

The Steam Controller is not a traditional gamepad. Instead of the standard dual analog sticks and D-pad, Valve gave its input device one analog stick and two giant touchpads. The design is bold, but it is also difficult to parse for anyone used to the old way of doing things.

And now that the controller is dying, its fans are coming out to show support. The Steam Controller has an overall user rating on Steam of “Mostly Positive.” But its over 160 recent reviews are “Very Positive,” according to Valve’s metrics.

Some fans are hoping that Valve is working on a Steam Controller 2. But that seems unlikely. Instead, Valve is probably going to focus on supporting third-party controllers through software. So when you connect a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, the buttons and gyro aiming automatically work. That’s because of the Steam Controller.


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