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Twitter announces plans to build the next generation of the Twitter API that will provide more flexibility and better serve developers

(Business) As a first step, the company is launching Twitter Developer Labs, a program to let developers preview new features and test new API products before they are finalized. Participating developers will be asked to provide feedback on what they like and don’t like ahead of the broad rollout.



Twitter announced Twitter API version 1.1 in August 2012. The social network and what developers use it for have changed a lot since then. Twitter has added enterprise data APIs and the Ads API, but the main API has largely stagnated. At the same time, Twitter has burned developers again and again.

The company now insists it wants to simplify its services for developers, make them easier to use, and offer more features. The Twitter Developer Labs program is the first step, so developers can test new API endpoints and be part of the process.

Twitter plans to “update significant portions of our existing API, and make some foundational changes like new data definitions and endpoint structures.” More specifically, the first new products that will be released in Labs are GET /tweets and GET /users.

Twitter will release new versions of functionality to filter and search tweets, and to get tweet engagement and impression metrics. Some examples of early Labs functionality will include:

- Real-time streaming and search access to tweets. Filtering capabilities of the enterprise APIs will come to all developers in Labs.
- Addition of new Twitter features that weren’t supported by the API before, like Poll data.
- Tweet engaging and impression metrics previously available only through enterprise APIs will be available for developers to test in Labs.

Due to privacy concerns, anyone who wants to participate in Labs will have to go through Twitter’s developer registration process. That means they will experience the same level of accountability as with our other public APIs.

Twitter will release the first endpoints to all eligible developers in the coming weeks. Since the endpoints coming to Labs are early previews, they may change before broad release - keep that in mind if you plan to build with them.


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