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11:05 09/11/2019 |

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Teachable Machine is expanding to incorporate inputs beyond those it initially supported including audio

(Tech) Google says it worked with people across industries with different needs - like architect Steve Saling, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) - to test and shape the new Teachable Machine. 



Teachable Machine 2.0 can recognize images, sounds, and poses from uploaded files or live mics and webcams. A button click kicks off model training in the browser on the examples provided, and the subsequent results panel shows both the model and performance metrics.

Google says this new version of Teachable Machine was built using its in-house open source TensorFlow machine learning framework, as before. That confers the benefit of interoperability - models and examples can be saved to Google Drive and from there shared with other users or the community.

Google is not the only one offering free tutorials designed to get intrepid practitioners up to speed on AI and machine learning basics. One recent example is a partnership between Amazon and Udacity to launch the DeepRacer Scholarship Challenge, a program that helps students create, train, and optimize AI models while receiving support from the community. Udacity previously launched a self-driving car nanodegree in partnership with big-name brands such as Mercedes-Benz.


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