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13:59 09/10/2019 |

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Opera is introducing a new privacy feature that helps prevent its users from being tracked across the web

(Tech) With Opera 64 for desktop, which is rolling out around now, Opera will serve to block tracker scripts using data gleaned from the EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List. So while it may not block every tracker out there, it will block most of the known ones.



While cookies have served as an effective way of tracking users since the dawn of the modern web, they are generally easy to spot and block, meaning that advertisers have sought new ways to track individuals.

Fingerprinting is one such mechanism to emerge as a popular mechanism for tracking web users. Fingerprinting works independently of cookies, and allows advertisers to build a picture of an individual through monitoring signals such as the time zone of a machine, the screen resolution, HTTP headers, and more. Unlike cookies, fingerprinting is much more difficult to spot.

This latest launch comes three years after Opera introduced ad-blocking and a VPN to its desktop browser. With its latest privacy feature, the company is following in the footsteps of other browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, both of which this year announced plans to block fingerprinting too.

While privacy is a core facet of this launch, Opera said that the tracker blocker should also go some way toward speeding up the browser by as much as 20% - or 23% when activated in conjunction with the ad blocker.

With this latest update to the Opera desktop browser, it’s clear that the company is looking to stay competitive and woo a growing army of internet users who are tuned in to the importance of safeguarding their online privacy.


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