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15:35 11/07/2019 |

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Nintendo will launch Nintendo Switch Lite on September 20 for $199.99

(Tech) The device, which first came to light last year, is $100 less expensive than its predecessor and, as such, it does lack a number of key features compared to its bigger brother. For example, the Nintendo Switch Lite only offers a single “handheld” game-play mode, compared to the additional “TV” and “tabletop” modes of the Nintendo Switch.



While this raises questions about the use of “switch” in the device’s name given that it doesn’t actually switch between modes, it also means that compatible games are limited to those that support handheld mode in the Nintendo Switch Library. However, gamers will be able to buy separate Joy-Con controllers and a device to charge them to use wirelessly with other games that don’t support handheld mode.

Additionally, the new Switch incarnation is lighter at .61 lbs (vs. .88 lbs) and sports a 5.5″ touchscreen (vs. 6.2″). This of course means that the overall dimensions are smaller too, with the Switch Lite measuring up at 3.6” x 8.2″ x .55″ (vs. 4″ x 9.4″ x .55″).

Nintendo launched the hybrid Switch console back in 2017, and it has gone on to sell more than 30 million units. That Nintendo has launched a new Switch model should come as little surprise, given that the Japanese company introduced some four DS models and six versions of the 3DS.


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