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Mozilla launches Firefox 68 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS with a darker reader view, recommended extensions, IT Pro customizations, and more

(Tech) Firefox 68 for desktop is available for download now on, and all existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically. The Android version is trickling out slowly on Google Play, while the iOS release is available on Apple’s App Store. According to Mozilla, Firefox has about 250 million active users, making it a major platform for web developers to consider.



While Firefox has had dark mode for months, the Reader View’s dark contrast only covered the text area. Now, when you change the contrast to dark, all sections of the site will be immersed in dark mode.

With Firefox 60, Mozilla introduced an enterprise version of the browser that employers can customize. This let IT professionals configure Firefox for their organization, either using Group Policy on Windows or a JSON file that works across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Firefox 68 for Android is a minor release. The main addition is the Web Authentication API, which the desktop release got in May 2018. Firefox for Android is typically updated at the same time as the desktop release, while iOS is not. This time, however, the Android team is mainly focused on Firefox Preview while the iOS app is getting the more notable update.

Firefox for iOS has gained two new features. Mozilla has added a Recently Bookmarked section to bookmarks and support for editing all bookmarks. As a result, iOS users can now finally reorder, rename, or update bookmark URLs. Additionally, iOS users can now set sites to always open in Desktop Version. This is particularly useful for sites that aren’t optimized for mobile, where the desktop version just makes more sense. Mozilla also added a badge to help iOS users identify when a site is being displayed in desktop mode.

Mozilla releases new Firefox versions every six to eight weeks, and Firefox 69 is currently slated for early September.


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