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15:30 12/06/2019 |

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Mozilla introduces a new Firefox family of logos

(Tech) For most people, Firefox refers to a browser, but the company now wants the brand to encompass the entire Firefox family of apps and services.



Mozilla announced plans to rebrand Firefox in July 2018. At the time, a team of Mozilla product and brand designers came up with two options: The first icon is the Firefox masterbrand icon, an umbrella under which all the product lines will live. Mozilla hopes this is what users will think of when they hear the word “Firefox.” The next lines, in order, are as follows: general purpose browser icons (including Developer Edition and Nightly colors), singularly focused browser icons (Firefox Focus and Firefox Reality), and new applications and services.

But the new brand look “is about more than logos,” the company insists. There’s a new color palette, a new shape system, and a modern typeface. 



A few big names contributed to the new look. Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks provided early inspiration; Jon Hicks, the designer behind the original Firefox logo, gave design advice; and Michael Chu of Ramotion “was the driving force behind the new parent brand and system icons”.

And Mozilla has more logos coming. “We have to stretch our brand guidelines even further in the months ahead, so we’re interested in hearing your reaction to what we’ve done so far.”


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