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Mobileye unveils a collaboration with Chinese automaker NIO to develop highly automated electric cars for consumer markets

(Business) The news comes after the announcement that transportation operator Beijing Public Transport Corporation and Beijing Beytai, an automotive systems integration firm, would explore with Mobileye a commercial China-based transportation service set tentatively to launch in 2022. In related news, Mobileye inked a deal with Volkswagen in October to launch Israel’s first driverless ride-hailing service.



Mobileye’s level 4 AV kit consists of a robust software and hardware stack designed to handle challenging driving conditions. In addition to cameras, cables, modems, GPS, and additional components - all powered by Mobileye’s fifth-generation EyeQ, a system-on-chip tailor-made for low-power data processing - it confers the full benefits of Mobileye’s Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) model, an open policy that imposes common sense constraints on the decisions driverless vehicles make. Mobileye partners also get access to proprietary reinforcement learning algorithms, which the company claims are capable of superhuman sight and reaction times.

Mobileye reaffirmed that it’s on track to launch a robo-taxi service in Tel Aviv by 2022 and is collaborating with RATP Group (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) to deploy autonomous vehicles elsewhere. Mobileye and RATP intend to begin testing a robo-taxi shuttle fleet in Paris, France beginning sometime in 2020.

On the subject of road mapping, which remains an area of acute interest for Mobileye, the company says more than 20 additional customers joined its Ordnance Survey partnership trial and onboarding process for smart city mapping. The trial kicked off in January, when Mobileye inked an agreement with the British national mapping agency to bring high-precision location data to U.K. agencies and businesses.

Mobileye is actively engaged in map creation based on data from BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, and three other major OEMs. In Israel, by the end of 2020 Mobileye, Volkswagen, and Champion Motors expect to collect data from 33 kilometers of Tel Aviv’s roads, and from another 111 kilometers in the following two years. Moreover, based on harvesting volumes, Mobileye is predicting the E.U. will be fully mapped by Q1 2020 and the majority of the U.S. before 2020.

Mobileye notched a record quarter with 20% revenue growth year over year in Q3 2019, driven mostly by its ADAS business. That propelled it to become Intel’s fastest-growing business on an annualized basis.


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