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11:31 12/01/2020 |

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LG is announcing that 12 of its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions will use Nvidia’s G-Sync technology

(Tech) Nvidia announced it teamed with Asus to create a 360Hz display - the Asus ROG 360 - for esports players that is six times faster than standard TVs and gaming monitors. Nvidia said there are now 65 G-Sync monitors in the market, nine G-Sync Ultimate high-end monitors, and 90 G-Sync compatible monitors. That’s quite an ecosystem.



Nvidia is showing two G-Sync Ultimate displays from Acer and Asus. These feature full-array direct backlight Mini-LED technology with 1152 zones and 1400 nits brightness. They run at up to 144Hz at 4K resolution.

Nvidia said that gaming laptops were a $13 billion business in 2019, or triple the size it was in 2014. During that time, the laptops became half as thick, dropping from 38 millimeters thick to 18 millimeters thick. Part of that is thanks to Max-Q, an Nvidia technology to lower the power consumption of Nvidia-based laptops. More than 140 models are powered by Nvidia’s Turing GPU architecture, and 60 models use Max-Q.

In addition to the new support from LG, Acer and Asus are showcasing two upcoming G-Sync Ultimate displays. They feature the latest full-array direct backlight technology with 1,400 nits brightness, significantly increasing display contrast for darker blacks and more vibrant colors.

Gamers will enjoy the fast response time and ultra-low lag of these displays running at up to 144Hz at 4K. Nvidia said that RTX laptops are available for as low as $1,199.

In addition, Nvidia said its Game Ready Drivers now make it possible to set the max frame rate a 3D application or game can render to save power and reduce system latency. It also includes the VRSS feature described below for virtual reality games.


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