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11:56 10/01/2020 |

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IOGear is rolling out a lineup of production gear called UpStream which turns an HDMI-out-capable camera into a high-quality webcam

(Tech) The UpStream Video Capture Adapter is available to order now. This is similar to the excellent Elgato Cam Link, which Elgato updated to a 4K version for $130 last year. The UpStream Video Capture Adapter doesn’t support 4K, but it can do 1080p at 60 frames per second. It also supports USB-C for a low-latency connection.



The video adapter is just the start for IOGear. The company also has three more announced devices. First is the UpStream Game Capture Adapter. This is another USB-C adapter but built specifically for connecting consoles or a second PC over HDMI. It outputs video at 1080p and 60 frames per second for your capture software, but it can passthrough a 4K60 signal to a monitor.

IOGear doesn’t have a price for the game adapter yet, but it is launching in Q2 of this year. The subtext to Zhang’s statement is that a lot of people are trying to get rich making content, and IOGear sees an opportunity to make money selling them tools. This puts it head-to-head with Elgato, AVerMedia, and more.

The video and game adapters from IOGear are the basic and simple tools for most people. But the UpStream product line also includes much more powerful options.

The UpStream 4K Game Capture Hub is for creators who want to have more control over their video. It has an HDMI input for a video source and camera source. And it enables you to switch between those two on the fly using a mobile app. You can also do picture-in-picture as well as live audio mixing using multiple interfaces including an XLR mic input.


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