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Google says dynamic email in Gmail launches will turn on by default for all domains on July 2

(Tech) In March, Google announced the beta release of dynamic email in Gmail, which enables companies to inject messages with interactive content like questionnaires, appointment-booking flows, and browsable product catalogs by using the search giant’s open source AMP for Email framework. 



G Suite admins can check the status of dynamic email by navigating to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > User settings in the Admin console. Users can turn dynamic mail off for their individual account by selecting the Settings cog within Gmail, turning off Enable dynamic email, and clicking Save Changes.

Google debuted AMP for Email as a developer preview last February, and it’s built on the same technology that underpins accelerated mobile pages (AMP)., Despegar, Doodle, Ecwid, Freshworks, Nexxt, Oyo Rooms, Pinterest, and RedBus are among the early adopters, as is Google’s own Google Docs team, which tapped it to allow users to respond and add comments to discussion threads within documents.

Furthermore, third-party email design and delivery platforms like Twilio’s Sendgrid, SparkPost, Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint, and Litmus already does or will soon support the AMP specification.

AMP, which was first announced by Google in 2015, is an open source framework designed to speed up mobile web pages. The search giant contends that it can cut load times to “less than one second” by balancing the likelihood of a user clicking on a result with device and network constraints, and it’s now used by hundreds of thousands of web domains across billions of pages.


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