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11:06 09/11/2019 |

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Google launches Skaffold generally available for eligible customers

(Tech) Skaffold’s central command - skaffold dev - watches local source code for changes and rebuilds and redeploys apps to clusters in real time. It natively supports common image-building and app deployment strategies, making it compatible with a wide variety of both new and preexisting projects. And it operates on the client side, conferring performance advantages.



Skaffold’s dev loop automates tasks like tailing logs from deployed workloads and port-forwarding remote apps to local machines so that they can be iterated against endpoints. Its utilities can build images and deploy apps to production, reusing much of the same tooling leveraged locally, and its profiles enable the use of a single configuration across environments that can be tailored using the current Kubernetes context.

Helpfully, Skaffold fields configuration changes dynamically, which is presumably why Google tapped it to power the debugging features in Cloud Code for IntelliJ and Cloud Code for Visual Studio Code. Plus, it natively supports direct debugging of apps programmed in a range of languages - including Golang, NodeJS, Java, and Python code - running on clusters.

The goal with Skaffold and Cloud Code is to offer industry-leading tools for Kubernetes development, and since Skaffold’s inception we’ve engaged the broader community to ensure that Skaffold evolves in line with what users want. 


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