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14:40 06/11/2019 |

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Google announces the launch of Play Points stateside

(Tech) Play Points, which is free to join, extends not only to apps and games but to movies, TV shows, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and subscription content. Android users can earn discounts and credit or donate their earnings to a rotating list of nonprofits and charitable organizations, including Doctors Without Borders USA, Save the Children, and the World Food Program USA.



Purchases aren’t required to earn points, at least in the case of Play Points’ free featured apps and games. Weekly events boost the earning rate on select movie, book, and game titles, starting this week with a three times bonus on all Google Play content. And in partnership with several developers, Google is affording enrollees the choice of special in-app items like characters and currency with points.

Play Points is a tiered system. There are four levels (bronze, silver, gold level, platinum), each corresponding to a certain number of lifetime accumulated points, and higher levels confer perks like weekly prizes.

To enroll, launch the Google Play app on your Android device, then tap the menu and the Play Points shortcut. If you choose to leave the Play Points program by filling out this form, you’ll be able to use any remaining coupons or items you’ve exchanged with your points and you’ll receive promotions until your request is processed. Plus, if you rejoin Play Points within 30 days of leaving, you’ll recover all your points, level, benefits, and perks.


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