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10:45 11/07/2019 |

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Crypto Briefing is launching a subscription service dubbed Simetri that will offer research and analysis for investors

(Business) Crypto Briefing is charging $125 a month for subscriptions to a limited number of Simetri subscribers. The research tool is being released in conjunction with CoinMarketCap’s recent Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA) initiative.



Simetri research will be embedded into coin profiles on CoinMarketCap’s aggregation and rankings site. Crypto Briefing has produced over two dozen comprehensive analytics reports on cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem and is currently the only media firm involved in CoinMarketCap’s recently launched DATA initiative.

For the last two years, Crypto Briefing has published independent news and analysis without accepting paid stories or advertising from any cryptocurrency business.

CoinMarketCap recently confirmed that more than 70% of exchanges have met the reporting requirements for the DATA initiative so far. The website receives more than 79 million views per month, making it a main source for data on exchanges and crypto projects - as well as one of the most influential companies in the sector for exchanges and projects looking to garner support and adoption.

CoinMarketCap tapped Crypto Briefing’s Simetri for improved project transparency - akin to sell-side analysis reports from investment banks in the legacy financial system.

In 2018, Crypto Briefing, raised $2 million in a seed round, with a $13.3 million valuation. Investors include YouBi Capital, Fenbushi, DHVC, Neo Global Capital, PreAngel, Goopal Digital Capital, Block72, Lucen Tech Accelerator, WanFund, and Game Theory Group. The team recently received the award for Best Media Outlet at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit and was a runner-up in the same category at the Dapp Awards, held at Devcon IV in Prague last year.


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