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15:35 27/11/2019 |

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Coralogix announces a $10 million series A round led by Aleph, bringing its total raised to $16.2 million

(Business) Coralogix’s eponymous software-as-a-service (SaaS) product automatically creates what Assaraf calls component-level insights from log data, in part by applying machine learning to software releases to spot quality issues. Scaling from hundreds to millions of logs with integrations for popular languages and platforms like Docker, Python, Heroku, .NET, Kubernetes, and Java, the toolset spotlights anomalies and affords developers access to a full suite of identification, drilldown, correlation, visualization, and remediation tools.



There’s more in tow for customers with a Coralogix subscription. The service can automatically enrich web logs with IP blacklists to identify suspicious activity across tech stacks while issuing alerts when new errors or critical log entries occur in any environment or component. Separately, an integrated security information and event management (SIEM) and intrusion detection system taps machine learning to pinpoint anomalies within network packets, server events, and audit logs.

The log management market is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2022, according to Research and Markets, and Coralogix isn’t the only startup leveraging AI to surface abnormalities. Mountain View-based LogDNA raised $25 million last December to further develop its AI-powered tools that surface data to mitigate outages. Anandot, which is based in Israel, claims it analyzed over 5.2 billion data points per day within six months to launch its log-monitoring platform. That’s not to mention Moogsoft,, Loom Systems, Dynatrace, and Perspica, all of which use some form of AI to expedite DevOps processes.

Coralogix has managed to grow its client base to over 1,000 brands to date, among them Payoneer, BookMyShow, PayU,, Postman, Decathlon, Taylor Stitch, BioCatch, Spot.IM, Hoodline, Camping World, Playbuzz, Fiverr, Decathalon, Postman, KFC, and Caesars Entertainment.


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