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15:30 16/04/2019 |

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Brains can be merged with technology to form a 'human brain/cloud interface' in a matter of decades

(Tech) Scientists from the US are proposing that nanorobotic technology could soon be inserted into our brains, making sci-fi dreams a reality.



A team of scientists led by nanotechnology researcher Robert Freitas Jr from the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing in California, has published a paper detailing how incredibly tiny machines could soon become part of us.

The future technology could provide all humans that are fitted with the tech with instant access to the world's knowledge and artificial intelligence. All users would have to do is think of a question and instantly they would know the answer rather than typing it into a search engine. This could change how humans communicate, educate and work forever.

The proposed neural nanorobots could connect the neocortex of the human brain to a "synthetic neocortex" in the cloud, which would allow the brain to download information.

This brain interface technology may seem like an outlandish concept but could genuinely be possible given how quickly technology is advancing and the fact the internet as we know it was created just under 30 years ago.

Last year, scientists invented a three-way brain connection technology called BrainNet that allowed three people to share thoughts and play games using only their minds.


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