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SoM Soul Of Mask review

4.2 / 5


Alain Perrin


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SoM Soul Of Mask Review

SoM Soul Of Mask is an application designed by Alain Perrin. SoM Soul Of Mask was first published on . The app is currently available on the following platforms: Steam.

Soul of Mask (SoM) is a labyrinth game where the spirit tries to collect Demon eyes to leave the underworld.

Player can buy 5 different masks with game coins to use powers of the mask as weapon to attack, hide or teleport.
More than 100 levels are available with the range of difficulty from casual to very hardcore.
Select your path well or die and retry to know the best way to pass a level. Many surprises and unexpected enemies are waiting for you at every corner.
Not everything which looks easy will prove to be so. Get your brain working at its best!

Controllers: Touch Screen, Keyboard, Joystick.

Support of Afrikaan language in game

SoM Soul Of Mask

4.2 / 5

SoM Soul Of Mask Logo
Author: Alain Perrin
Size: 256 GB available space

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