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Lovely Weather We're Having review

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Lovely Weather We're Having Review

Lovely Weather We're Having is an app created by Julian Glander. Lovely Weather We're Having was first published on . The app is accessible for Steam, Other.

Hi! Lovely Weather We're Having is no longer available on Steam but you can still get it for Mac and PC -- visit If you already have a copy of this game in your Steam library, nothing changes, it's yours forever :)
Go Outside With Your Dog

Lovely Weather We're Having is a goal-free explorer game. It uses local weather data to simulate the weather conditions where you are.

You're locked out of your house in an odd, peaceful landscape with your trusty pooch. Interact with a dozen NPC's whose moods change with the weather.
Jump off a roof. Kick a rock. Run through flowers. Be outside!

"The vibrantly colored world of Lovely Weather We're Having doesn't take you back to a specific time necessarily, but to a mind set, when the world seemed bigger and brighter and more mystifying."
-Jess Joho, Kill Screen

"Lovely Weather is a clever little mood stimulator on the contemplative end of the scale, a kind of dynamic Zen box. You open it and poke around a little and maybe close it, thinking “Is that all?”
And then you come back, and the weather’s different, and the time of day’s just so, and it takes your breath away."
-Matt Peckham, WIRED

"it looks gentle and colourful and weathery which is rather appealing as I’ve had a nice morning of typing and listening to the rain fall outside."
-Philippa Warr, Rock Paper Shotgun

"Watched the trailer and I have no idea what the game is about."
-Someone on reddit


  • Responds to local weather data, simulates actually being outside.
  • Pleasant sounds, colors, and visuals that I hope you like. Designed with introverts in mind.
  • 12 NPCs whose moods and conversation topics change with the weather and time of day.
  • Hundreds of conversations to be had (most of them not about the weather).
  • Open gameplay, forever.
  • Designed to be played in 10-20 minute bursts, endlessly.
  • Cute dog.
  • A top-secret c h e a t c o d e.
  • Rocks you can kick.


Lovely Weather We're Having

3 / 5

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Author: Julian Glander

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