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17:36 05/11/2019 |

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VICTON is back with their fifth mini album “Nostalgia”

(Entertainment) VICTON makes emotional comeback with “Nostalgic Night” MV.



The group is returning for the first time in approximately one year and five months, and this comeback is even more meaningful as it is close to their third debut anniversary on November 9.

VICTON’s new album includes an intro, the title track “Nostalgic Night” (literal title), “New World,” “Because I’m Worried” (literal title), “Here I Am,” and “Hands Up”.

“Nostalgic Night” was composed by BEOMxNANG and VICTON member Chan, with lyrics by BEOMxNANG and member Hanse. Hanse wrote lyrics for four other songs as well, while Seungsik co-wrote lyrics for “Here I Am”.



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