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Sungmin makes his solo debut with the release of “Orgel”

(Entertainment) For those who aren’t familiar, the word “orgel” in Korean is a loanword from the Dutch word meaning “music box.” Such a music box plays a prominent role both in the melody of “Orgel,” as well as in the music video itself. With a little help from YouTube personality Danny Kim, Sungmin explains that the music box is a symbol of hope, nostalgia, and pursuing ones dreams. Sungmin then expresses his hope that everyone who listens to “Orgel” feels hope in the pursuit of their own dreams, and that he wants to encourage them through the song.



The video goes on to break down the lyrics of the song, explaining that the verses of the song are sung from the point of view of the person looking at the music box (namely, Sungmin). They portray that feeling of nostalgia for a time when dreams and passions didn’t seem so impossible. 

Sungmin made his solo debut with the release of “Orgel” on November 22. Since then, the mini album topped the iTunes charts in many countries around the globe. He made his comeback stage on the November 29 episode of KBS’s “Music Bank”.



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