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13:08 03/12/2019 |

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Park Jin Young makes his comeback with “Fever”

(Entertainment) Park Jin Young is burning up with a “Fever” in comeback featuring SuperBee and BIBI.



On November 30, Park Jin Young released the music video for “Fever,” a day before the release of his new music on online music streaming sites.

The song features rapper SuperBee and musician BIBI, and was composed, produced, and had lyrics written by Park Jin Young. “Fever” takes vaudeville, a light and often comical piece of entertainment popular in early 20th century U.S., and gives it a JYP reinterpretation.

The music video features Jo Yeo Jeong, and tells the story of how Park Jin Young falls in love with her and imagines various heated interactions with her with a comical touch.


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