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15:33 09/07/2019 |

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GFRIEND is continuing to grow in popularity with their latest mini album “Fever Season"

(Entertainment) GFRIEND breaks personal album sales record with “Fever Season”.



According to Hanteo chart, GFRIEND’s new mini album “Fever Season” sold 51,234 albums in the first week since its release, which is the group’s highest first week sales since their debut. This record is 11,251 more albums than their record for their second studio album “Time for Us” in January.

Having sold 500 albums in the first week of sales for their debut album “Season of Glass,” GFRIEND has been steadily growing, and they passed the 50,000 mark for album sales as they enter their fifth year of promotions.

GFRIEND is currently busy promoting their title track “Fever.”


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