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13:24 07/10/2019 |

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DAY6 releases their first teaser for their upcoming comeback

(Entertainment) On October 7 at midnight KST, DAY6 dropped a new trailer film for their return later this month. Entitled “The Book of Us : Entropy,” the artistic clip depicts a silhouetted figure holding a beating heart and internally grappling with concepts like “me,” “another me,” “something,” “heart,” “world,” “my soul,” “everything,” and “life”.



Suddenly, a match is struck and a lit, and a flame bearing words like “heat,” “love,” and “energy” sets the beating heart in the figure’s hand ablaze, leading to “Sweet Chaos.” As an image of a beating heart morphs into a figure in a fetal position and then two hands holding an array of flowers, the caption reads, “I’m losing control… But I like it”.

DAY6 will be making their return with “The Book of Us : Entropy” on October 22 at 6 p.m. KST.


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