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10:45 11/07/2019 |

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BTS and EXO are both presented with Dubai Stars

(Entertainment) The Dubai Stars is a project by EMAAR which aims to honor some of the world’s greatest personalities and highest talents who have made a positive impact in the following fields: Music, Film, Art, Architecture, Sports, Literature, Social Media Influence, Innovation and Social Work. The tribute will be similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame where famous names will decorate the sidewalk of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai.



According to The Dubai Stars, 400 stars will be displayed at an opening ceremony in October, and the project will represent over 10,000 stars when it is complete. Other celebrities to be presented with a star include Dwayne Johnson, Jackie Chan, and Shah Rukh Khan.

Fans will be able to nominate up to three of their favorite celebrities for a Dubai Star until July 31 on The Dubai Stars’ website.


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