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Shanghai Theater Academy Art bringing Chinese traditional performance in UK


Rencently, The "Happy Spring Festival - Shanghai Theater Academy Art Troupe", supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Shanghai Bureau of Culture and Tourism visited the UK from February 6 to 17, bringing Chinese traditional performance to England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.


In London, the performances of the art troupe set off a "Chinese style" in Trafalgar Square. According to official statistics, the Maritime Museum attracted more than 7,900 residents and tourists on the day of the performance. That was more 1,000 people over 2018.


In the northern city of Preston, the performance of the theater troupe was held at the Charter Theater. In Edinburgh, the capital of Scottish culture, theater troupes were invited to perform at the Scottish National Museum and the International Convention Center Theater. The event lasted for two weeks.


The tour of the theater troupe brought various performances of Chinese classical dance, national dance, Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera and instrumental music to British audiences. The performances introduced Chinese stories, Chinese elements and Chinese culture into the lives of the local people. 


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