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Revolution in the air at Sinan Books in Huangpu District

An exhibition celebrating the founding of the People's Republic of China and the liberation of Shanghai has opened at Sinan Books on Fuxing Road M. in Huangpu District. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of New China.



The exhibition, which is running for at least two months, depicts the country's revolutionary history as well as the changes in Shanghai over the period. 
In addition to books, documents and videos on display, visitors can try a "taste of the truth" with some chocolate marshmallows, which generate from the story of Chen Wangdao (1891-1977), the first person to translate the "Communist Manifesto" into Chinese.


The stairs in the bookstore are decorated as "stairs of the truth" with a sentence "Working men of all countries, unite!" in 17 languages.


In addition to documentaries about the "Communist Manifesto" and Chen, there are video clips of the old movie "Zhan Shanghai" ("Battle of Shanghai") and recordings of speeches about Karl Marx. Books with revolutionary themes such as a picture-story book series in memory of Shanghai's liberation and a book of "Zhan Shanghai" are also on show


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