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Expertsand performing artists at a garbage-sorting promotion event in Yangpu District


Experts in traditional handicrafts and performing artists took part in a garbage-sorting promotion event in Yangpu District on April 22.
Masters of intangible cultural heritage converted discarded wine bottles, drink cans, boxes, plastic boards and cloths into paintings, sculptures and other artworks at the Xinjiangwan Cultural Center.


On a stage nearby, artists and residents staged a fashion show and performed percussion music, clapper talk and dramas to promote waste classification. The event, on Earth Day, marked the beginning of a campaign which will see participants take the recycling message to neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, companies and military camps across Yangpu, according to the district's culture and tourism bureau. Volunteers will also promote campaign door to door throughout the district.
The campaign aims to make the public aware of waste classification before the city's first regulation on garbage sorting comes into force in July.
Qian Hongxing demonstrated how to create oil paintings on plastic bottles and presented his artworks to participants as gifts. The painter began promoting recycling three years ago by drawing oil paintings on abandoned plastic boards.


Another artist, Luo Jun, carved images on glass bottles using a small hammer and chisel. By installing a bulb inside, the bottles can become artistic lamps, Luo said. He encouraged the audience to create their own artworks.
Visitors also saw paintings made from discarded boxes, cans and fabric, all of which are among the most common garbage disposed of by local households.
The artists will set up workshops and stalls at neighborhoods and schools in Yangpu, said Yuan Mingang, an art center director who organized the artists. 


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